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Custom stand construction


The custom stand construction requires more resources as time, materials, stuff. Our workers are preparing all stand elements in warehouse before set-up.

Very important to use qualified materials that will keep good conditions during all event.


We know that preparation of electrical equipment is very important point for successful project realization. We check all electric equipment before set-up.


We do the wooden wall elements to such a conditions that they have to be easily delivered with truck to exhibition stand area and connected each other to designed structure.

We are doing the first paint level in warehouse, but finishing – on-site. The stand constructor should take into account the short set-up period for all finishing materials.


Our stuff starts with flooring exactly after deliver the materials to the exhibition area. The most popular floor covering for the exhibition stands are carpet and wooden panels. The platform (or we can say – raised floor) often is preparing for technical connection (wiring, water pipes..) hiding.


Our graphic workers are branding of the custom exhibition stands with the exhibitor corporation color style and product logotypes.